Connect Four May 2023 Update

With almost half the month gone, it’s time to assess the board situation in Connect Four. I have used Yellow and Red for games won and lost respectively.

The first question is whether the pieces should fall to the bottom or rise to the top. Gravity suggests the former, but last month’s daily challenge suggests the latter. In any case, I have gone with the latter.

Red has the numerical superiority but Yellow seems to have better control of the centre. If we count vertical and diagonal threats of Connect Four then we see three possible threats for Red (all going through 10) and four for Yellow.

In other news, I have verified with a work colleague that two different players indeed get the same starting hands for the 4-suit daily challenges, even though solutions are not available. To be honest, this is what I expected – but I was still willing to ask the question due to the “low effort high reward” factor. Imagine what would have happened had my work colleague got a different hand …

FWIW, here is today’s loss. After dealing the final row, most of the movable cards are covering Aces.

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