Spider GM is back!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted in my Spider blog. I wrote that something has turned up at work a while ago. But it’s been fixed. More importantly, I didn’t have to “put in a special effort” to get rot13(fuvg) done (e.g. threaten to embarrass somebody if nothing improved).

The something I was referring to was the Gawler Line. Essentially the trains are running again and I can travel to work without worrying about less-than-stellar traffic or risk of car-pooling accidents etc.

Going back to the Spider Solitaire, the next exercise I wish to discuss is a walkthrough of a game by Steve N Brown – the author of Spider Solitaire Winning Strategies. This book has fourteen chapters with the final chapter being a play-through of a sample hand. Presumably Steve chose this hand as an example of overcoming a difficult start. He could also have chosen an example of safeguarding a strong start – also a useful skill for the expert – but that would be less appealing to the general audience. In any case, the reader will have a “spoiler” in the sense that he already knows that Steve won this particular hand.

In the next few posts, I intend to critique the way he played from beginning to end. This should give some insight as to how an expert player (other than Yours Truly) goes about playing four-suits sans rot13(haqb).

With decent luck I should be able to manage one post per two or three days. For further good news, I also have an opportunity to show off my mad coding skills: the image above shows how one can input a position to Ninja Monkey’s improved algorithm with a GUI that looks half decent.

2 thoughts on “Spider GM is back!

  1. Hello Hello Master Chi-Yuen and Esteemed Scholar Bart and all Lurkers.

    I am gearing up for a Stateside trip (Mexico to USA) for almost all of August so won’t be posting much until Sept.

    But I will load this up in my AncientExcel CheeterSheeter and follow as time permits.


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