Something has turned up at work

Uh oh.

Something has turned up at work, and I might not be able to update this blog as much as I would like to.

Of course if IM Bart or IM Bug can convince other strong players to participate in another game then I might reconsider 🙂

Thank you for your patience and understanding if you pardon the terrible cliche …

3 thoughts on “Something has turned up at work

  1. Master Chi-Yuen, this actually works out for me. I have my other project that has been ongoing for more than four years and I really want to complete it before I get that tap on the shoulder from Jesus inviting me to the next journey.

    If this does not get going again let me state here that it has been an absolute pleasure conversing with you and Esteemed Scholar Bart and many thank for your joint tutelage which has me playing at a level I previously thought impossible.

    I, also, will continue here if some lurkers get the bug to hop in.

    On a personal note I invite everyone to join me every morning and say aloud, “I will greet this day with love in my heart”………….and be silly


  2. I keep forgetting that if I read a post and don’t reply myself, I am not alerted to other responses, so I am seeing your two replies just now as I remembered that I needed to explicitly check for replies. With just one or two students, we were always on the edge of a viable group. I commend the GM on having the patience to keep the class going with such a small group for as long as he did. I say it has been a great ride while it lasted! Thanks to both of you. I too will continue to monitor the blog in case some new plan is hatching for more things Spider. And best wishes to both of you on the longer path of life, always worth saying but especially worth remembering in case we don’t speak again.


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