I’m Seeing The Same Scam Ads Again And Again

Well, not much luck with my efforts to get more readers into Spider Solitaire. I’m sure IM Bart and IM Bug will appreciate someone else stepping up to share the load.

Maybe I need to take a leaf from Facebook’s book (yes I know!) and start thinking of creative ways to encourage more participation in the Royal Game. What would Zuckerberg do?

What Would Zuckerberg Do?

One thought on “I’m Seeing The Same Scam Ads Again And Again

  1. If I ever had your email address, I lost it. It would be handy. I’m bart.wright@comcast.net. I had some ideas about maybe getting other folks who would be good to join the blog (long shots, but it would only take one or two to give some new life…), but I’d rather not have them displayed here on the blog for the whole world to see.


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