Match to Five Points, Game 1 Round 3

xxx 0c 4c Ah 2h/xx 7d 6c 5c 4c 3c 2c Ac As/xxxxx Ad 5c 4s 3d 2s Ad 3s Ks/xxxxx 4h 3h Kd Qd Jd 0h 9d 8h 7h 6s Kh/x 7h 7c/xxxx 7d 6d 5h 4s As 8d/7c 6c Kh Qh 6d/x Qd Jh 0h 9s 0s Ks Qs Js 0c 9c 8c/4d 3d 2d 8s/x Kc Qc Jh

Checksum: 7 + 10 +13 + 16 + 3 + 10 + 5 + 12 + 4 + 4 + (2*10) = 104

Actual play (3 April, score = 441): eh, ei (Kd) ba, bh, bf (Qh)

Actual play (trivial): bd (3h) gf, jg

Actual play: ???

Spider GM Comments: I’m assuming this completes the round, unless Bart/Bug can justify moves like “gd” or “hg” etc. Also, a rare lapse from IM Bug who forgot to mention the Jack of Clubs in his song lyrics.

6 thoughts on “Match to Five Points, Game 1 Round 3

  1. Round three, Score 441.

    It doesn’t look like we have any weighty decisions to make. All those nice 8s are good for receiving 7s, but they themselves are immobile at present. Try for a space in column 5, and if nothing good happens there, try for column 2.

    eh, ei. If nothing good, continue with
    ba, bh, bf.

    If we had gotten the jack of clubs, or if we get it now, we can remove the clubs…


  2. .eh, ei = Turnover the Club Jack

    Followed by .ba, bh, bf = TurnOver the 5 of Dia.

    Now those two cards could dramatically change the outlook of this hand.

    But if no help …. Cleanup time is upon us.

    .gf, jg

    Even if we get two no-play cards and if we can avoid continuing our King Komplex, we will still have an AtomicVoid and an AtomicTurnover heading into the final 20. I’ve been in worse shape.


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