Round 0 Summary

Round 0 Final Position

This was a decent round. Hero started with 3 guaranteed turnovers and managed to raise that to 12. Some delicate decision making in the middle with IM Bart and IM Bug hunting for some small edges, but to no avail. At least Hero managed to turn over every face-down card in column 7, a lasting asset to keep for the remainder of the game. No empty column yet, but real chances to get something going in the next round if the Card Gods cooperate. I should also mention both Bart and Bug are comfortable with the use of the doubling cube, and no rule clarifications were needed.

Speaking of the doubling cube, not much excitement yet with neither side coming close to a serious advantage. But every man dog and millipede knows that a lot can change when 10 cards are added simultaneously instead of sequentially.

Round 1 coming soon. Bring it on!

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