Happy New Game – Round 1

Summary of round 0 can be found here

Initial position:


Oops, I forgot to add the spoiler blocker before posting!

Monkey Recommends: “ib,ea,ed,dh,hd, bd,db,bd,bh,dh, hd,dh,hd,dh,hd, dh,hd,dh,hd,dh, hd,dh,hd,dh,hd, dh,hd,dh,hd,dh, deal”

Actual play (date = 8/Jan, score = 484): bh,ea,ed,ih, deal

Spider GM comments: Let’s see how resilient you are when dealing with bad breaks in life 😊

Final position of round 1

Final Position

4 thoughts on “Happy New Game – Round 1

  1. Blech. My program indicates only 5% of distributions of this many cards would be worse than what we have. To pick one dramatic spot in the distribution list: 5 6s, 5 8s, and between them zero 7s.

    bh is an obvious start. We make our shortest column atomic.

    But then how to use our 9? ja gives us an atomic column with 4 cards under it.
    ea, ed gives us atomic column e with 3 cards under it. Fewer buried cards in the stack wins the day.

    Then with ji we just reduce some disorder.

    Final answer: bh, ea, ed, ji, deal.

    I think monkey didn’t show very good judgment even before he kinda went crazy. Prohibiting repeating past positions doesn’t seem to be built in yet.


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