A Merry Christmas to All

Spider GM would like to thank all the characters who appeared at least once in my blog posts. Big shoutout to the following, sorted (approximately) by reverse chronological order of first appearance.

Please let me know in the comments if I have forgotten anybody.

  • Rot13(Yhpl Gur Fyhg)
  • Simon, Julie and Webb (from Numberwang)
  • Hester, Arthur, Pearl and Roger (from The Scarlet Letter)
  • Those colourful blobs from Among Us
  • Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi
  • Big Red Shiny Question Mark and Rick Astley
  • Captain Obvious and Gravelsealer Geoeyes
  • N. Kamath
  • Schrodinger’s Cat
  • Abraham Maslow
  • Evil Queen and Magic Mirror (from Snow White)
  • Joe Bloggs, some flying pigs and a bird who only knows how to walk and say “oink”.
  • Oscar the Grouch and other characters from Sesame Street
  • Sherlock Holmes and James Watson
  • The horse (from the Watering Hole story)
  • Mark Goodliffe, Simon Anthony and Eugene Varshavsky. No prizes for guessing which one famously cheated in the 2009 Philadelphia Sudoku championship.
  • The King (from the well-known fable about grains of wheats on a chessboard) and 104 dancing girls
  • The White Bishop and Black Knight (from that story with the excruciatingly bad punch line based on a Monty Python sketch).
  • Homer Simpson and an army of New Facebook Emojis.
  • Parson Gotti and the Dwagon Spidew.
  • Hem and Haw
  • The Sand Griper and other characters introduced in the Welcome To Peak Stupid story.
  • Ninja Monkey’s girlfriend.
  • Project Manager One and Project Manager Two
  • The Silly Goose.
  • Bad Idea Bears
  • Cy the Cynic and Minnie Bottoms (borrowed from Frank Stewart’s excellent Bridge columns).
  • Ms. Spider (a somewhat dodgy math teacher).
  • Eagle, Lion and other animal types defined by Professional Poker player Phil Hellmuth
  • Wise Snail
  • Ninja Monkey
  • The Queen of Hearts (from my short story trilogy of 2019)

In return, the above list of characters would like to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas. Here’s looking forward to More Of The Same in 2022.

Here’s looking forward to More Of The Same

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