Monkey Want To Play!

Having described the Monkey Algorithm in some detail, I think we are now ready to play a new hand. This will be a standard game: (1) no rot13(haqb, erqrny be erfgneg), (2) nobody gives a rot13(sylvat shpx) how many moves are required to win and (3) no partial victories for e.g. removing 1 suit and having two empty columns at one stage.

This will be similar to our last hand except we would be guided by the Ninja Monkey instead of Two Wise Blobs Plus One Impostor. That means we get to focus entirely on the Spider Solitaire and none of this rot13(fghcvq fuvg) about working out who is the impostor. NM will suggest a move sequence (or “moveblock” if you want to use the technical term) and you get to laugh at how hilariously bad it is before coming up with your own suggestion. I will still use spoiler-blockers since you never know if my best friend will come up with some genius manoeuvre in a sticky situation.

The game will be played on the standard Microsoft Windows implementation. The Leapfroglets version alluded to previously does not allow games to be saved, which would be

awkward for purposes of this blog.


If you think I picked the wrong time of the year to start a new game then I am perfectly happy to delay for a week or two – but please let me know ASAP. I am well aware that there is life outside of the realm of card games. For instance, I just discovered that a group of Awesome People made a brilliant video series based on Among Us in Real Life so I could binge-watch that instead 😊

6 thoughts on “Monkey Want To Play!

  1. A new game sounds great! And the time of year is no problem at all. It sounds like the set-up is an improvement in all respects from my point of view. Feedback from the master before too much time has gone by would be yet another improvement. You they say that when you’re trying to train an animal (or person) to do something, you have to have the reward or punishment administered right after the mistake or mitzvah. But I can also wait.


  2. Master Chi-Yuen and Esteemed Scholar Bart, unfortunately I need to move to another house, my Landlady needs to sell this one. All is going well with the process and I am about to sign a new lease but I will be off line for about the first two weeks in Jan. It takes that long to get your internet, landline phone and cable TV moved here in Mexicoville and I can’t start the process until I have proper rental papers.

    So if you wish, carry on and I will catch up when I can, or wait a bit for your favorite hopper.

    I also am ready to get back to a more normal ride with quick feedback from the Master.


    1. Sorry to hear the news. I am happy to wait a while – with my GitHub stuff going on there is every chance I can find something else to talk about during the first two weeks of January. Or if I’m really lucky another reader might turn up and be better than half-decent at the game. One can but hope!


      1. Hey, IM Hopper, I hope your move turns out to be a good one. I don’t know how reliable estimates are about things down there, but I do have an image in my mind of things that are reputed to take two weeks actually taking four, or five, or… more. I am happy to wait. There is also the possibility of starting. I am not embarrassed to be in a class of one (as we continue to hope for new recruits). Another way of thinking of it might be as a trial run. A beta test, perhaps. The idea being to work the bugs out (the other kind of bugs), and then start over when hopper can hop back into the crowd. But as I say, I am also perfectly content to wait.


      2. Hi Bart, thanks for your excellent suggestion. A beta test would be ideal in terms of filling in time. Given our initial experience with the Among Us blobs, I fully appreciate the value of beta-testing and I will humbly accept that even the noble GM doesn’t get everything right the first time. At least the blobs scored some cheap laughs with my other readers who dabble in the dark arts of short story writing 😊


  3. Thanx guys for being willing to wait but I think it better for you two to take off to new heights without me and I will play ketchup.

    Because who knows, I might stray too close to that LeapFrogger and the inevitable meal would follow and I would go into the permanent no-show mode. More aptly said would be that there is an inherent danger associated with waiting for someone who is 75 years old.

    Esteemed Scholar Bart, you have made a correct call on the time frames down here……the word “Mañana” has nothing to do with the next day, it only means “Not Today” – “Arrival Time Uncertain”


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