The Unofficial Spider Solitaire Song

It’s unofficial – Spider Solitaire finally has a theme song. With my many talents it’s a wonder this didn’t happen sooner rather than later, but at least I can now rest with a clear conscience.

This was mainly thanks to last week’s foray into the wonderful world of GitHub. The user “leapfroglets” made a simple remake of Spider Solitaire server with some half-decent victory music which plays after successfully completing a game (of course, you can also cheat by cloning the repository and clicking the audio file “bg-music.mp3”). The project was completed in six weeks internship program at Leapfrog University Inc. It uses plain vanilla Javascript and HTML canvas for animations. Now all I have to do is find out the real identity of the programmer and thank him/her for being one of the Awesome People.

The original audio file can be played here.

Unfortunately, my pull request for added lyrics has not (yet) been accepted, so until I hear the good news the status of my Spider Solitaire song remains as “unofficial”. But if you really really really wanna sing along, here are the lyrics:

BTW, if you really like the walking baseline and have a friend whose voice can reach nearly two octaves below middle C you can also add the repeated phrase “Spider Solitaire is awesome Spider Solitaire is awesome” to your heart’s content.

Until next time, happy Spider Solitaire playing and may all your four-chord songs be awesome 😊

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