Voting Results Are In!

Schistocerca Americana (a.k.a. IM Bug) has voted RED
Bart Wright (a.k.a. IM Bartacus) has voted BLUE

Random Number Generator (tie-breaker) has BLUE

Blue was Ejected.

Blue was not the impostor.

(Red was the Impostor)

Oh well. Random Number Generators can be fickle beasts. At the start I kinda wanted Red not to be the impostor because of the usual association “red-means-danger” but the RNG decreed otherwise, and who am I to argue with the RNG? So no bonus 100VP for the team. But Bart and Bug got their IM titles and that’s the main thing right?

In the next few posts, I will discuss some key moments in the game and dissect where the players and blobs went right or wrong.

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