Who Is The Impostor?

And it’s all over bar the voting. Bart and Bug have achieved 100 glorious VP for removing all eight suits and have a free swing at another 100 glorious VP is they can guess the impostor. There is no penalty for ejecting the wrong blob.

During the endgame Bart has already voted BLUE and has indicated “nothing will convince him to change his mind” (or words to that effect). Schistocerca Americana (or anybody else who happens to join in the last minute) has not yet voted.

If anybody has enjoyed reading the last few blog posts but doesn’t wish to vote for Red/Blue/Green there is also the “skip vote” option 😊

In case of a tie (e.g. SA votes Red/Green and nobody else joins at the last minute ) a Random Number Generator will be used as tiebreaker. The “skip vote” option is not counted for ties (or even outright wins), so if 50% vote BLUE and 50% vote SKIP then BLUE is still ejected.

One thought on “Who Is The Impostor?

  1. Well, I vote Red.

    My logic is based on only one clue, as I stated previously.

    If we scroll back to the beginning to Post Dated 27th Sept 2021, Master Chi-Yuen wrote, “There is 1 impostor among us”

    “There is” and “among us” are is white font, “1 impostor” is in red font. I vote red.

    Kinda’ weak perhaps, but someone has to cover this base just so Master Chi-Yuen can’t do a five minute long belly laugh at us if indeed this was his intent.

    Master Chi-Yuen, do we really need a tie break? Each person should be awarded or not awarded the Bonus points based on his / her / its / (someone needs to help me out on the next 7584 now active pronouns) choice. I am not familiar with this game so perhaps your way is the way it is done.

    We need more players so I can continue to be silly and not run the risk of dragging Esteemed Scholar Bart down.


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