Among Us Lite – Round 4 Summary

Final position of Round 4

We’ve managed to clean up the Spade suit and are only one Jack away from shifting it onto the foundations. Hearts aren’t too shabby either. We have also turned over every face-down card in columns 1 and 10. On the minus side, we still 15 face-down cards in the tableau – and only one deal left. The game is not totally hopeless, but we would need some luck right now. I should point out Bart and Bug have done well to reach this position. For obvious reasons, I can’t discuss the specifics of where they went right or wrong at every non-trivial decision.

The other important issue of course is this one:

It is possible that neither Bug or Bart has any clue what’s going on. It’s also possible that both readers have every clue who the impostor is, but are not letting on – hoping to make my job tougher (it’s hard enough playing the role of all three Kolourfull Kibitzers). Or the truth may be somewhere in between. We shall find out in due course!

2 thoughts on “Among Us Lite – Round 4 Summary

  1. I have no idea who the Impostor is. I got as far a few rounds back as noting that presumably bad advice had to be relative to what GM thought was a good move, not what Bug and I thought. But looking back, I just found that all three of them gave what I considered bad advice from time to time, so I turned my focus largely away from that. A game with the right amount of challenge has to be calibrated to the skill and knowledge and motivation of the contestants, which may also vary among different tasks. So GM has a tough job here. I’m afraid I have little to contribute at this point, but am still very interested in the game itself.


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