Among Us Lite – Round 3 Summary

Final position in Round 3

An eventful round. We snagged the last unseen card in Diamonds (the Three), enabling us to clear the suit – but at the expense of a turnover or two. The Kolourfull Kibitzers had some robust discussions along the way.

With one suit removed, I expect the worst is behind us (in terms of complex decision-making) but we only managed to turnover two cards this round. Still, there is plenty of play left for the good guys. An excess of even-numbered cards is still a problem, but as the endgame approaches, we have every right to expect … the odds to shift in our favour.

Yep, looks like Spider GM is still in fine form. Bring it on 😊


SA has suggested I add another move “cb” before dealing a new row of cards and Bart is happy with this decision

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