Among Lite – Round 2 Summary

Final position before dealing a new row of cards

Well that round kinda rot13(fhpxrq). We had an excess of even-numbered cards and the Card gods saw fit to give us more of the same. We got the dreaded one-hole-no-card scenario. Not to mention the Koloured blobs had some robust discussion, particularly during the last few decisions. On the bright side we have four atomic columns, giving excellent chances of recovering an empty column or two – the real question is how much benefit we can extract from them.

Well done to Bart Wright for his clever Backgammon reference. I would probably take a cube but that might be conditional on Bart/SA rage-quitting and leaving all future decisions to yours truly 😊 Commiserations to Spider GM for finishing things off with a Stop-It-Dad meme. And SA is starting to see the light regarding blob evaluation.

Also, a big shout out to Sebastian Iturralde for liking my posts despite having shown no evidence of basic competency at the game. But I haven’t shown basic competency at writing serious short stories either – so who am I to judge?

Next round will be crucial. Solid decision-making skills might see us home. Alternatively, the next 10 cards may rot13(fhpx) so badly making our cause hopeless even with optimal play.

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