Among Us Lite – Round 0 Summary

We managed to uncover 11 face-down cards in this round, which can be considered par assuming the same number of face-down cards are turned every round – this may be a strong assumption, but it does suggest our game is not terrible. We did not uncover an empty column but column 7 has no face-down cards which is nice. Most of our decisions were trivial so far, although the Kolorfull Kibitzers still managed to find ways to place themselves under suspicion. At least dealing a new row of cards now implies I don’t have to worry about having too many comments for a single blog post.

On the negative side, we didn’t manage to attract any new readers, but that’s not something I have control over. And the pun at the end wasn’t the greatest either.

The main interest centred on the format of the blog after discussion in the comments. My decisions included, but are not limited to: (1) include a screen dump after every new turnover (2) have screen dumps in chronological order instead of reverse-chronological order (3) SA’s last minute request to insert “spoiler-blockers” (for lack of better term) so he can analyse a game state independently with more chances of suggesting something stupid and (4) adding links to previous rounds – but obviously not applicable for round 0.

With the format of the blog sorted out we should now be in a position to focus on the Stuff That Is Important. With more cards in play (and not in numerically descending sequence!) I expect our decisions to be much more interesting and will give the three Kibitzers more chances to show off their true Kolors 😉

Thanks to Bart and SA for their valued contributions!

One quick question: as the blog creator I do not know how to add a new comment to my own blog post for some reason. I only know how to reply to an existing comment. Can I prove the WordPress editor is stupid if I look into the mirror at a 45-degree angle – or is it more straightforward than that?

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