Among Us Lite – Preliminaries

It’s official – after some robust discussion with my trusted readers Bart and SA, I have decided to abort the current game and start a new hand with only three coloured blobs instead of 12.

The rules are as follows:

  • The blobs shall be Red Blue and Green, all of whom are experts. One of them is an impostor (not a stooge since the “three stooges” pun no longer applies).
  • For each (non-trivial) decision, all three blobs will suggest a course of action and the readers have to choose the best or suggest their own.
  • You get 100 VP for removing all eight suits and 100 VP for ejecting the impostor. You can only eject someone after the game as ended (victory or resignation). Your final score is therefore gonna be 0, 100 or 200 VP. There is no reward for partial victory (e.g. removing only 2 suits) or minimising the number of moves.
  • There will be six rounds for this game: each round corresponds to dealing a row of 10 cards (including the initial position). We assume all six rounds are played since it is very rare that the game is mathematically lost before the last round.
  • There will be six blog posts, one per round. Each of these posts will be edited after each new decision, until a new round of cards is dealt. Each blog post will contain a pointer to the previous blog post. One can therefore think of a blockchain where each round corresponds to a block and each decision corresponds to an individual transaction. (Thanks to Bart for bringing up the possibility of using Blockchain as an analogy).
  • I will aim for two game-decisions per week – at least in the early stages. In later rounds a more careful analysis may be warranted (because there are more face-up cards in play and decisions are more likely to be “critical”, where a wrong play can have serious consequences). There may also be other “irrelevant” posts for my blog if something else turns up.

Start position, coming soon to a place near you 😊

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