Game on (12 Sep, 2021)

Continuing from last week …

Blue moves “hi” revealing the Seven of Diamonds.

Purple moves “bg” exposing the Seven of Clubs. He is pleased to see another in-suit build and there are still four turnovers.

Yellow makes the next trivial decision: “fb”, the only in-suit build – and exposing the King of Clubs. Dark Green lets out an audible sigh.

The Cool Mates are off to a good start with the first three moves being in-suit builds, but now we are faced with a non-trivial decision.  The King of Clubs was perhaps not the greatest, but at least none of the Three Stooges have perpetrated any Fajor Muck-ups. Let’s see what suggestions the players have to offer:

Red: 65 of Spades onto the Seven.

Dark Blue: I see nothing wrong with that. In the early stages of the game, the obvious move is often the best move.

Pink: I like “ia”, hoping to clear out column 9.

Dark Green: “ca” is also possible.

Blue: DARK GREEN IS SUS! Column 3 has five face-down cards but Column 9 has only four. We all know the importance of getting empty columns early.

Brown: DARK GREEN IS NOT SUS. My chess tutor once said it is important to identify all candidate moves before evaluating any of them. Full credit to Dark Green for suggesting a move that nobody else had mentioned so far.

White: We can also move the Five of Diamonds onto the 7-6 of Clubs.

Yellow: Or “db”. The notation is pretty handy for anyone who knows the first ten letters of the alphabet or better 😊

Purple: Yes, “db” is reasonable. Even if the next card is an Eight we don’t lose a turnover because we still have a spare Seven in Column 8.

Orange: That’s a good point. Whereas if we shifted either Deuce onto the Three, we would lose a turn-over if the next card is a Four of any suit.

Green: I vote Red’s option of “hg”. Using the same logic, we don’t lose a turnover (unless we get two Eights). That also starts digging in a column with only four face-down cards.

Black: You mean “gh”. In any case, we need some good cards soon. Only an A,3,4,8,T,Q will give us at least one extra turnover. Slightly under 50% I think, but the math is left as an exercise for Purple 😊

Over to you. What move would you recommend here?

3 thoughts on “Game on (12 Sep, 2021)

  1. I think db is clearly the best. Along with the reasoning they mention, it’s also a big plus to leave the 7 in column h with nothing on it so it can be moved if an 8 comes up. That is the only 3-hidden pile that hasn’t been “kinged”. That’s much more important than the small advantage of moving from a 4-pile instead of from a 5-pile.

    So now, if I’m trying to keep track of the colors here to know what they do, that was white’s idea, seconded by purple and orange. Previously, Blue, purple and yellow made reasonable easy decisions.

    In the previous week’s column, blue is the first to mention the correct move, though everyone agrees.

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  2. This is great stuff !!!

    Master Chi-Yuen, I cannot match either you or Esteemed Scholar Bart in CPU speed or RAM but I am happy to bound along behind you both.

    We can gain three TO’s; question is which first? I would like to hold off on covering the Diamond 7 for as long as possible to hopefully gain and 8 and get closer to voiding Col 8. That leaves me with moving the Diamond 5 or one of the 2’s.

    Having abandoned my “Contaminate from Top 2 Bottom” routine I would immediately press it back into service and take the turnover in Col 4, “db”

    If that fails to produce good results, I would again stubbornly hold out on covering the Diamond 7 so am left with choosing between moving one or the ‘nother of the two’s, I go with “ia” due to 4 cards above not 5.

    Again no help? Reluctantly cover the Diamond 7 “gh”


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