Game on (20 March 2021)

This is the position from last week.

Bart suggests we move the Ace of Hearts to column 4, split an in-suit build by shifting the Ten of Hearts onto the Jack of Clubs, then take the turnover in column 6. Our notation would be gd,gh,fh,fh.

The reason for splitting the J-T of Hearts is to focus all our efforts into getting a free space in column 6. However I don’t like the idea of dumping so much junk into column 8. I would rather have the junk in column 10 since that already has two Kings.

Bart’s play would only gain if the next card in column 6 was a Jack. Then even if we did obtain an empty column there is a good chance we are forced to give it back anyway. That’s a lot of ifs and buts for the cost of one in-suit build and junk in the wrong column.

Still there is not much difference between the plays and our position is rather poor in any case.

Bart also briefly mentions other plays which are clearly inferior, e.g. Jack of Clubs onto Queen of Spades, forfeiting a turnover for no reason.

With nobody else suggesting a spectacular brilliancy that everybody has missed, I’m going for the simple gd,gj, turning over a card in column 7 and intending to turnover column 6 if nothing better turns up.

We get the Queen of Hearts.

This raises an interesting point. We have three “excess Kings” (i.e. unaccompanied by a Queen) in column 4,9,10. This suggests Queens may be difficult to extract in future rounds. Clearly the Queen was not the best card (no extra turnover!), but it does give us some options.

We could continue with the original plan of turning over column 6. Are there any other options to consider? Remember that the most obvious move is not always the best! How would you play here?

One thought on “Game on (20 March 2021)

  1. Now we’ve found a reason to do that move of a 5 onto a 6, the one we held in reserve in our grand planning from a turn or two back. We want to expose column 5 beneath that 5 for surgery. After moving that 5, the newly uncovered queen steppingstone in g lets us shuffle columns 5 and 10 around to give much better order to our royalty in hearts and spades. We’re going to swap the Jack-ten in column 5 with the Jack-ten in column 10. That removes 2 suit breaks, and gives us a straight flush in hearts, king to nine. A little bit of encouragement in a game that is not going that well.

    To the details of the shuffle: eb,eh,eg,je. If we are counting moves, we can pause at this point to do the uncover before finishing our planned swap with gj,hj, on the off chance the uncovered card will lead us to change plans. If we’re not counting moves, it’s easier on the brain (or at least my brain) to finish it first and then reverse it if needed after the uncover.

    So with this shuffle-first modification we then do the turnover by moving column f to e instead of j.

    One of the beauties of Spider is this requirement to sometimes pause in the middle of one plan to work towards a somewhat different goal, weaving the two together for maximum benefit.


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