Something different

In a previous post, I’ve had (legitimate) complaints about someone not being able to see images clearly.

It’s easy enough when I’m typing in the comfort of my own home, with my own PC that is yay wide and yay high (insert corresponding hand motions here). But my readers could be reading on mobile phone. The other issue is suits of the same colour can be hard to distinguish.

I’ve seen poker cards with four different colours, so Clubs become green instead of black and Diamonds are blue instead of red. I am not aware of something similar in Spider Solitaire programs (online or otherwise). Perhaps this is a chance for one of my readers to teach me something instead of the other way round!

Absent the possibility of four-colour suits, the next-best option is for me to transcribe a text version of the current game state – which you no doubt will have noticed in my previous post. Transcribing images seems to be the Done Thing in Puzzling Stack Exchange, which I have also contributed to.

Another problem I noticed over the years is if I type a string of numbers separated by hyphens then some devices may treat it as a phone number. This was back in the day when I was liberally using ASCII to encode rude words. But if I use commas instead of hyphens then things are OK. Similar considerations may apply to move sequences such as <ab,bd,gb> where each letter corresponds to one of the ten columns in Spider Solitaire.

TLDR version: the noble Spider GM is aware that he has goofed and is trying to make every effort to un-goof in future posts. Let me know if you have any other thoughts.

One thought on “Something different

  1. Thanks for your concern about images not being so clear. I am viewing on a desktop with a screen this big by this big (hand motions), or maybe 2 feet by 1 foot, so that is not the problem. When I remember that with the control key held down, using the mouse scroll wheel will zoom in or out, it is just fine. I would not use any game state listing as I can always see the cards well enough if I concentrate.

    The only exception could be when the piles get so long that when the program reduces them to fit within a fixed vertical size and you simply cannot see the suit symbols (anyone else learn that diamonds and spades are spiky on top, and the other two are rounded?). It looks like maybe you have an option selected to grow the screen vertically instead of doing that. In past Microsoft versions I have used, you could right click on a card in such a situation to see what it was — which is of course no good when looking at a blog post. The web-based implementation I use has no solution to this problem that I know of, which is the one drawback I have found. So in that case I can usually move part of the long pile somewhere else to take a peek, then use the undo key to move it back.

    tl;dr I’m the one who made that complaint, and it was carelessness on my part and needs no solution from you.


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