Thank-you email from a friend

Apologies for the long break, but it’s been rather busy both onside and outside the workplace.

Today I got an email from a fan, and (no surprise) this means a lot to me particularly in what’s been a difficult year for all of us. This fan is clearly keen to improve his game, and I already like his engaging writing style.

A thank you email from a friend

He mentions “Version 1607” of Windows 10 Spider Solitaire. I am not aware of this version. I always thought Windows 10 SS meant the game that is part of the Microsoft Solitaire Collection and unfortunately, I am not computer-literate enough to work out what version number this is. All I can do is post a screen-dump and ask if someone else can verify if this is indeed Version 1607 (and if not, then where do I get it?)

What I do know is I have another reason to revive this blog, so readers can expect to see regular updates – and there might be an odd video or two on Youtube as well 😊

If you are keen to improve your game, don’t be afraid to drop a comment in one of my posts.

2 thoughts on “Thank-you email from a friend

  1. Hello again Trevor from hot and humid Mazatlan Mexico.

    Thank you so very much for the kind words, kind person.

    Seeing that I have made contact with a friendly species, I should let you know that Bass is not my real name. I always use Bass Ura when making out new and perhaps short lived e-mail addys. Basura in Spanish means garbage. Everyone calls me George which of course is not my real name either. In High School a friend and I started calling each other George and it sort of stuck as we both went through life as Georges. Even my family calls me George. In Spanish George is Jorge and is pronounced horr-hay. But most the natives here call me Yors in a failed but greatly appreciated attempt to use my English name. In fact I kinda like Yors, it has that Medieval Viking Warlord ring to it.

    But as always I digress, please call me George.

    My SS is improving. I am not employing the full Play ‘til U Puke method because I am, as you have taught, only interested in winning a hand on the first try without C+Z. In one memorable game of Two Suit I finally won by accepting the deal + two draws before I made a move. That game was won in a little over two thousand moves.

    This time our goal it is different so I am only interested in learning how to make the best moves as to give myself a chance at a winning position on the last draw. So I mark down the points when I had two or three seemingly good moves that were mutually exclusive and upon a loss I will go back and replay from those points using a different option. If the second or third choice plays out better, even if not to a win, I again go back and study the position and try to find a logical mental path to choose the better play path.

    So anyhow, I decided I was far enough advanced into this insanity that I should do a 100 game run and see if I am OK or just fooling myself.

    I will break this up into 20 game blocks.

    First 20 game block resulted in 7 wins and 13 losses.

    I am working on the second block and expect the sophomore slump to bite me.

    I know first hand how much time and effort it takes you to post these updates and videos and I thank you again for showing me how to approach a seemingly impossible task and be somewhat successful.

    Remember that Family and Friends are the top tier in life, stuff like SS is just stuff.


  2. my understanding is that the base version from the windows install is updated to the latest every time the version is updated to a new version of windows (which is done by windows update) but you can get the latest version at any time by going out to windows store and heading over to Solitaire Collection :

    When you get there it may automatically update (like it did to me btw) or if you open it from here it may update also.

    To see what version you are at for solitaire go to the menu and click about, you’ll see the version there. mine shows 4.7.8101.0


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