The big 104

Hooray! I reached my 104th post in my Spider Solitaire blog after starting in May last year. Some of you may be wondering why I didn’t choose a nice round number like 100 instead of 104. Here’s a hint: Spider Solitaire is played with two decks. Each deck contains 13 ranks and 4 suits. I’ll let you do the math 😊

This blog started after I “busted” a rogue Spider Solitaire server that punished a player who accumulated too many wins. I then wrote a short story trilogy to explain my findings in language accessible to the layman and the rest, if you pardon the cliché, is history.

I try to post at least once a week. Throw in a couple of silly stories per month, plus a walkthrough of a game of Spider Solitaire with one update per week (which I am currently doing right now). There may be occasional news articles, such as Facebook’s new “care emoji” or Microsoft’s 30th anniversary of Solitaire. With 52 weeks per calendar year, it was not hard to achieve the 104-post milestone within the first year.

Not surprisingly the vast majority of likes come from my silly stories. The likers are mostly fellow bloggers who also write stories – and I have to admit they write much better than I do. So perhaps I should be the one learning from them 😊 Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of traction with the serious strategy articles, but maybe one day something might turn up. Occasionally, I get a like from something that isn’t a short story (like Actually Autistic Blogs liking my post on Facebook’s so-called Care Emoji). And yes, there is the occasional spam comment or two such as a link to a random Russian porn site.

My next milestone is 128 blog posts. Having already filled in 7 out of 104 squares in the diagram below, I’m already 6.73% of the way towards achieving my ultimate goal. Given that I enjoy playing and writing about Spider Solitaire much more than work this should be a walk in the park if you excuse the terrible cliché!


Do you have a favourite article from this blog so far? If you think this blog is generally-all-round-awesome you are allowed to simultaneously vote for every blog post 😉😉😉Please let me know in the comments below!

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