30th Anniversary Celebration

In case you missed the news, Microsoft wanted all the good citizens of the world to unite and help break the record for most games played. Yesterday they offered double experience points as an incentive for card players over the world to kill their own productivity.

Avid readers of this blog may recall the Experience Points table for Spider Solitaire is shown below. Thus an Easy 1-suit hand scores 800 XP instead of 400 etc. Of course NaN times two is still NaN.


Apparently, this was a Facebook Live event, which featured a giveaway or three and Microsoft Solitaire’s creative director Kevin Lambert will field questions and talk about the history of Microsoft Solitaire.

I wasn’t able to participate, mainly because 22 May fell on a Friday and I still had work commitments (working remotely from home). I should also point out this event involved all games within the Solitaire family, not just my favourite Spider. Hence you can expect to see some Freecell, Klondike, Pyramid and perhaps some lesser known games.

I played a single game of Klondike (3 cards at a time) just to compare the XP gained versus Spider Solitaire and the reward for winning is only 300 XP, less than the easiest difficulty of one-suit Spider Solitaire. At least winning enabled me to get the “we did it” screen at the bottom of this blog post.

Yesterday I checked the Microsoft Solitaire Facebook page – and apparently not everything is running smoothly ☹


But such mundane matters don’t concern Microsoft as they achieved a new record for number of games played in a single day. Presumably all the good folk at Microsoft will live happily ever after.


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