Game on (20 May)


We start with the following moves

<ae> 0d

<aj> 5h

<ia> Kd

<fi> 0s

<ef> 2h

<ji> 0c

<hf> 4c

<hc> 8d

<fh, deal = 85J6AQ99J7>


Not much thought required here. We start with three in-suit builds, then look for other “safe” moves such as moving a Queen onto either of two Kings. We managed to turn over eight cards in round 0, perhaps a disappointment after such a promising start – but this is probably not too surprising for a Master-level hand. Of course we are careful to build in-suit with 8-7 of diamonds before dealing another round.

We deal a row of 10 fresh cards and now the fun begins. There are many possibilities to consider: what would be your action here? (remember an action is a sequence of moves that ends as soon as one or more cards are exposed).


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