The New Facebook Emoji

Every man dog an millipede on the planet has surely seen it by now. Facebook has invented a new “care” emoji of a yellow smiley hugging a heart, presumably intended for users to show support for others during COVID-19.

Not surprisingly, reaction has been mixed and the memes have already started coming thick and fast. A compilation of memes is available here

Memes have already started coming thick and fast

But such mundane matters don’t concern me as I continue to achieve awesomeness at Spider Solitaire

What do you guys think of the new “care” emoji? And yes, I don’t care is a perfectly valid answer. 😊 Let me know in the comments below

3 thoughts on “The New Facebook Emoji

  1. I like new emoji. It’s lovely, looklike “Although I cannot live be yourside, but I Always love you”


  2. Eh, new emojis come and go. But this one’s actually cute. It looks like those care teddy bears you get(you know, the ones that hold a heart that has some writing on it)


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