Game On (22/Jan)

Continuing the game from last week …

In round 0, I managed to turnover four cards. This is slightly disappointing, given I was guaranteed a minimum of three. I got a Jack and three even-numbered cards.

Note that I was careful to ensure the 7h-6c was moved onto the Eight of Hearts in column 1 instead of column 5. This meant that I would not “lose an out” if a Ten turned up. The only meaningful question was whether the Jack of Diamonds should be moved to column 6 or 9 before dealing another round, but this rates to be a coin flip. The diagram below shows the position before and after dealing another round

That’s not so bad. We are guaranteed at least four turnovers, two of which are suited. It seems I guessed right by moving the Jack of Diamonds onto the Queen of Hearts in column 6: if I chose column 9 then I would only be looking at three turnovers.

Further good news: two of our turnovers will be in column 7 and 10. We therefore have a reasonable chance of obtaining an empty column.

Four turnovers can be obtained with columns 3/4/9/10 or 3/7/9/10. It is important to turn over columns in the correct order. For instance column 10 must be turned over before column 4 (or 7) and column 9 must be turned over before column 8, etc. If we choose column 7 that must be turned over before column 9. This might sound overly technical but if you’re serious about improving your game you must aim to reach the stage where this analysis becomes second nature.

Note that it is impossible to build in-suit with 4d-3d unless a good card turns up. However at this stage it is more important to focus on empty columns. Once we get an empty column or two, the 4d-3d in-suit build will take care of itself.

It seems the best move is to turn over a card in column 10. This would “cost an out” if we turn over a Five, but there is nothing we can do about that. Other options would also lose an out or violate the principle of procrastination.

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