Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours burn any brighter

Just found this on LinkedIn today. Names have been withheld to protect the guilty. Short version is: (1) the Project Manager described in my previous short story ain’t the only person who plays Spider Solitaire at work (2) Not every person you see on LinkedIn is an Awesome Person

My impression is that O.M.G.S.I.72,65,87,84 thinks she is better than she really is, and she didn’t mention (or more probably doesn’t understand) the real reason she was released from her job. But of course I am not in a position to jump to conclusions. What I do know however is that she cannot even spell the name of the game correctly, and usually that is not a good sign.

I will let the reader study the image below and judge for zirself (*)

(*) Every man dog and millipede on the planet knows by now that ZE is valid in Scrabble, being the gender-neutral pronoun equivalent of he or she, but none of my Scrabble friends can work out why ZIR* (equivalent to HIS or HER) has not been added to the dictionary. But that is outside the scope of this post.



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