Move over Siraj Raval, Peter Denahy is my new hero!

Looks like Siraj Raval isn’t my hero after all. Yes, he is the founder of School of AI, and if they handed out titles for rap songs instead of Chess he would surely be a GM. Unfortunately Siraj has also been exposed as a fraud, organising a 83,72,73,84 Machine Learning course, borrowing software from GitHub without acknowledging the source, having no 70,85,67,75,73,78,71 clue about how the code actually works, and adding a refund policy as an “after-thought”. And the less said about that Neural Qubit paper, the better. Why anybody would go from hero to zero (terrible cliché I know) like that is a mystery, but it seems some people are worse than the Silly Goose as per described in my previous post.

For those unfamiliar with Siraj Raval see this link.

Fortunately I discovered a great new song about someone who spends way too much time with his phone, indulging in many activities including playing Solitaire. Okay, he didn’t explicitly mention Spider Solitaire, but given my immense disappointment with Siraj, I’m counting it!

BTW If you know any other great songs mentioning the word Solitaire please leave a comment 😊

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