Man vs Wild!!!!!

And now for something completely different:

A human and monkey will do battle against the fickle card gods as they fight for ultimate survival on a virtual reality of 104 playing cards in the double-decker series of MAN VS WILD.

Spider GM and Ninja Monkey have agreed to play 10 “episodes” or pre-set hands of their fave game. Spider GM wins if he can remove all eight suits without 85,78,68,79. Ninja Monkey will pretend all games are played at the 1-suit level and he wins if he achieves a 50% rate or better if the game is repeated 100 times. Whoever wins the most hands will be declared the winner (or a tie is declared if they win an equal number of games). Note that Spider GM and Ninja Monkey are not versing each other, so they can possibly both win or both lose the same hand.

On each hand, Spider GM will record his result (win or loss) as well as the rank of every card in the initial game state. Then he will feed Ninja Monkey the same hand and Spider GM will record Monkey’s win rate. Spider GM will also give a subjective assessment as either “convincing” (easy win or loss) or “marginal”.

NOTE: if Spider GM cannot win a hand without 85,78,68,79, then he will try to win a hand with 85,78,68,79. This is necessary otherwise Ninja Monkey won’t be able to play the same hand. It is tacitly assumed this will in fact be possible. If it is not possible then we will cross that bridge when we come to it, if you excuse the cliché!

Let the games begin!!! (cue theme music for Man vs Wild)

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