The day we’ve all been waiting for

Today, every man dog and millipede on the planet celebrates National Solitaire Day. Solitaire is a card game that’s been around for over 200 years. But it was 1990 when Solitaire truly became a thing thanks to Microsoft. According to legend, Microsoft Solitaire was designed to teach computer users how to use … hey W,H,A,T,T,H,E,70,85,67,75 ?!?!?!?

In this day and age, it’s hard to imagine anyone credibly claiming to have invented a game with the intention of teaching people to use a mouse properly. But given that playing Klondike is beneath my dignity, all this is moot anyway. Of course I am going to celebrate today by playing a different game on my i-Phone instead. May the Four-Suit Spider Solitaire be w- okay that joke is lame, so I won’t bother completing it ☹

Okay, I confess to not knowing about National Solitaire Day until a few days ago, and I must thank Susan Sleggs for mentioning this on her own excellent blog. And she could probably give me some tips on writing short stories.

But for now I’m about to move one of the Heart Fours onto the 5 of clubs. Any 2,3,5,7,9,J or K will guarantee me at least one extra turnover. Let’s hope it’s a good one!

National (Spider) Solitaire Day

Seven of Hearts, hooray!!!!!!!! Life is good 😊

To be continued

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